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Scico as a proud partner and organizer of the Mediterranean Researcher Night in Greece and Cyprus will create a series of unique events. The opening ceremony will take place on June 3 on the Greek island of Lemnos, being the first of 300+ activities that will take place to celebrate the Mediterranean Researcher Night throughout the Mediterranean. SciCo, in collaboration with the University of the Aegean and the Technical University of Crete from June to September, will hold exhibitions, workshops, lectures, discussions and research-related scientific challenges for different audiences to emphasize the value of Mediterranean science.

Lemnos is the eighth largest island in Greece and is located in the northern Aegean. The name Lemnos is ancient, already mentioned by Homer. With its own desert and the protected habitats of the Natura 2000 network, Limnos is ready to host the activities of the Mediterranean Researcher Night. The entire scientific community of the University of the Aegean will create a series of events highlighting the research and innovation born on the island and beyond.  In addition, “Mind the Lab” activities will be held across the cities and along with beautiful speeches, interactive workshops and unique scientific performances will target citizens, tourists, university and school students to engage them and empower them though science.

This year, Crete will also host the Mediterranean Researcher Night for the first time. The largest and most populous island of Greece, maintaining its own cultural elements as early as 3000 BC, is ready to welcome the public to a fantastic scientific experience. In collaboration with the Technical University of Crete, SciCo will create a program for all ages with the main focus on highlighting the scientific culture on the island. Lab tours, children’s experiments and science cafes are just some of the activities planned for the evening of the 24th September.