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The main purpose of the call is to value science and scientists’, working through the segments that are more easily recognisable to the publics we want to address. To do this, we will define and value Mediterranean Science, with the aim of creating a feeling of identity and belonging to it and recognise it as something we can be proud of. Under the common umbrella of Mediterranean Science, we make this call to researchers, research centers and universities. Our goal is researchers and scientists to “leave” the lab and bring their research to the public on beaches, central squares, school classrooms, public areas, Social Media, TV shows and other friendly formats.

Mediterranean Science

Mediterranean Science relates to Science developed in the Mediterranean territories. Mediterranean Science is also research focused on Mediterranean topics, such as those related to the Mediterranean culture, the Mediterranean way of life, or the current challenges for the Mediterranean region. Thus, we have identified four thematic areas which lie in the nucleus of EU policies and priorities and are key for the Mediterranean context:

Key thematic areas: Sea and pollution, Climate and clean energies, Diet and nutrition, life and Health

Beyond the common theme of Mediterranean Science, special emphasis will be put on women in science, educational trends and the future of science in areas such as health. The disciplines involved in order to cover the above areas derive from the expertise help by the stakeholders involved in the project: biology, citizen science, education, oceanography, food science and nutrition, … are a sample of the research areas the consortium is currently working on and plans to highlight with the general public during the project’s activities.

The MEDNIGHT activity plan has been designed by the project partners and is comprised of a rich programme of activities which will follow a hybrid model: some will be recorded and offered online though a freely accessible digital platform, whereas the majority will take place physically, should the restrictions allow. On the one hand, the Covid paradigm has shown us that digital learning has its benefits as it is easily and cheaply accessible at a global level. On the other hand, we still believe that face-to-face interaction is invaluable, and where possible, can further drive participant understanding, engagement and excitement.

What do we offer

Join a network of experts in defense of Mediterranean culture, science and society (Expert voices)

Free training in different fields of dissemination

Promotion of your work in international al networks

Contact with researchers along Mediterranean

I am a researcher. How could I help? 

If you are a scientist or a researcher in the Mediterranean basin, your contributions are very important for the social construction of Mediterranean Science. We propose you several ways to help us to engage scientists and citizens in a common objective: the mitigation of Mediterranean problems as well as to value our common culture, society and of course, science. Below you can find our proposals. We would also like to help you to start up your own ideas and initiatives referred to Mediterranean Science outreach. If you find our proposal interestinging and want to help us in our mission, please, fill the form and we will contact you in order to work together.

Nice trip and welcome to the Mednight team!


Short videos

Short videos

One of the most direct ways to explain to the...