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This year, SciCo in Greece has the privilege to be the coordinator of the Mednight consortium and is very excited for all actions which have already been implemented but also the ones that will follow in the coming months.

Together with the Aegean University, our key partner for Mednight in Greece, our goal is to showcase the research run by the departments and faculties on the island of Lesvos and beyond.

The project was initiated in the beginning of April, on the island of Lesvos, where all project partners came together for a two-day workshop in order to build a common vision and strategy, explain and co-train partners on transactivities, dissemination and management plans and other common issues.

In addition, researchers from various departments of the Aegean University participated and presented their work in their fields of research.

The kick-off meeting ended in a  unique way, as the international team was granted access to the “Kara Tepe” refugee camp, in order to run “Mind the Lab” with the children who are staying there. The Mind the Lab session involved cool experiments, messy hands, lots of colours and simple ingredients in order to use science as a neutral language, to engage children with exploring the world around them and fun learning.

Following the meeting, SciCo, along with all partners in the consortium, has issued an open call for both researchers and schools, in order to maximise participation and engage multiple stakeholders.

At the end of July, the SciCo team will visit Lesvos again, in order to carry out a series of events and workshops in collaboration with the Aegean University, whereas the months leading to the Night itself will be nothing less that exciting…so stay tuned!