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Is there oxygen in the sea? Let’s measure it….

In the chemistry laboratory of the Department of Marine Sciences, students are informed about the most important parameter of the quality of a mass of water, the dissolved oxygen gas in seawater. Reference is made to how seawater samples are collected and to the physico-chemical and biological processes that take place in the sea and affect the concentration of the gas.
Students become familiar with the glassware and equipment of the Chemistry Laboratory by applying a classical chemical method for the determination of dissolved oxygen in a seawater sample, the Winkler method, under the guidance of the laboratory staff.

The workshop will be held for schools at Aegean University.

Organizer: Department of Marine Sciences
Run by E. Krasakopoulou, M. Vagi, M.-I. Kalatzi


Sep 29 2023


10:00 am - 1:00 pm




Aegean University
Lesvos, Greece


Aegean University
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