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Women cooks from the land: a dialogue on the role of women in shaping culinary and gastronomic heritage

The event will consist of a dialogue on women cooks from the land, addressing the leading role women should play in shaping culinary and gastronomic traditions and the factors that help understand why they have been overlooked in historical accounts of the development of culinary and gastronomic knowledge. Besides analysing how women started to gain prominence and the way ethnographic research contributed to their increased visibility, the event will highlight that women must continue to fight for recognition as generators and transmitters of culinary knowledge or the reasons why the glass ceiling has not yet been shattered in the field of avant-garde cuisine, among other issues.

By Josep Bernabeu-Mestre and María Tormo Santamaría


Set 24 2021


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm




Universidad de Alicante
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Settembre 2023
Ottobre 2023
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